Share this article on Facebook Have you ever come into ‘child’s pose’ or any pose that tapped into and released a well of emotions? This is no surprise to the seasoned yogi, who knows that Yoga can be a powerful tool for accessing and learning how to modulate our emotional realm.   This realm is connected […]

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Earth Element in Yoga:

The Bones, Safety and Grounding The Elements are within and around us.  When we tune into the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air within us, we more easily align with the external environment.  In addition, recognizing any imbalances of each of these elements within us, will naturally present options to tweak or embrace variations […]

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How does Yoga Revive your Organ Systems?

When engaging in the physical postures of yoga, we experience notable improvement in strength, flexibility and balance; this primarily is about conditioning the muscular-skeletal system.  But yoga is also fantastic for the Organ System. As we go journey through life, the demands upon our physical body vary. Sometimes we may be actively engaged in ‘exercise’, […]

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Is Yoga ‘Therapy’? If so, how? How not?

Therapy means ‘self-care’! So at the most fundamental level, all yoga is self-care. And yoga, when practiced as a lifestyle, nourishes your greatest potential for optimal health and well-being. However, yoga, as practiced in mainstream America, is not a panacea for all life’s problems. In fact, many people have become injured as a result of […]

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The Chakra System: Yoga to Promote Subtle Awareness

In various circumstances, you have surely felt the ‘pang’ in the heart, an ‘unease’ in the gut, the legs go weak or an instantaneous vision of what will come into manifestation.  These are all examples of subtle energy experiences. According to Yoga Theory, humans have 5 layers, known as Koshas. You can imagine them as […]

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Astrology and Yoga? There’s a Connection? – part 2

     Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about one’s character and potential (natal or birth chart), human affairs (personal and interpersonal) and terrestrial events. In the last article, I gave a basic overview of the 3 important aspects of astrological language: signs/constellations, […]

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