Why Attend a Yoga Retreat – part 2

Why Attend a Yoga Retreat? – Part 2 Recently I summarized a few important reasons to go on retreat for a week, from why a week length of time is essential, to unplugging from stuck patterns and how the various types of yoga practices create internal awareness and help to nurture integration of various aspects […]

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Nualolo Valley, Kauai

Why Attend a Yoga Retreat?

Why Attend a Yoga Retreat?        Let me count the ways ! In order to maintain balance of body, heart, mind and spirit, we need to nourish our inner beings.  There is no better way to do this than take a break from the hamster wheel of daily life routines and immerse oneself […]

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Breath, The Chakras and Living a Radiant Life

Do you live in radiance? Is your life as you Desire? As humans, we travel the world from awe and innocence, through challenges, loss and pain, and as we age, often end up living with some combination of bitter, sick, complacent, addicted, living in fantasy (deluded) or mired in cultural distractions. Most of us are […]

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Air - A Still Mind

Yoga and Creativity: What’s the Connection?

If you think of Yoga as focused on getting you out of your common body and mind habits,  you’d be speaking my language.   When you are guided to become aware of your physical body in postures (asanas), linking with directed breathing, you stretch beyond the typical confines of sitting, standing, walking and whatever else you […]

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Generosity Most people consider generosity in terms of money or material giving. But there are many ways to be generous. We can give our time, appreciation, care, thoughtfulness, advice and positive presence. We can be gracious listeners. We can be generous with our words, our smiles, our connection to others through touch. Forgiveness and compassion […]

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