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Yoga Oasis Studio

is located at

606 S. 8th St.
Laramie, WY 82070 Directions


Please park in the driveway ~ (4 cars can park if you tuck up close to gate & car in front –  please don’t block the sidewalk), in front of the house and on the surrounding streets.  Please leave a few empty parking places on S. 8th between Sheridan and Kearney.  There are plenty of spaces in the surrounding blocks.  Thank you!


The building is attached to a residential home.  You walk in through the side gate, bearing a sign with the Yoga Oasis Logo.  Walk to the left around the sunroom and enter through the large sliding glass doors, which also bears a YO logo.  There is a cloak room, bathroom and plenty of props for all the yoga participants.



The floor is eco  timber, a sustainably harvested bamboo with radiant floor heating underneath.  The space is filled with light from the numerous windows and the high ceilings allow for a spacious feeling.

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The north wall has a ‘Wall Rope System’, which is used for deepening one’s experience of specific posture, to create traction for spine and other joints, and to do a variety of inversions with relative ease. The benefits of the Wall Rope System are explained in the images and ou Tube video’s below, which show how the wall rope system can be used.

The two photos below show the basic sling set-up and a ‘down dog’ pose, which using the wall rope system, helps to access joints and muscles more deeply and simply to experience poses in a more effective way. Here, the spine can be more fully elongated, creating space between the vertebrae, because the sling helps lift the hips up, while the hands and feet anchor the ‘ends’ of the body to the earth.



Left Image: Wall Rope Brackets, nylon straps and pelvic sling.

Right Image: Debbie in Downward Facing Dog with sling at pelvis, providing traction to elongate the spine. Feels good!!









Left Image: Using the straps with Handles to engage in a deeper twist with a straight spine.

Middle & Right Images: Using the straps for a deeper lateral stretch (variation of triangle pose). This helps to lengthen the muscles from the spine interiorly right out to the outer side waist and thigh.



Spinal Rejuvenation Series

This series of wall rope system poses creates space between the vertebrae for the discs to remain supple and/or heal, by engaging in all the major movements of the spine.  it begins with feet on the wall, lower than hips, hanging over the pelvic swing, so the spine decompresses with gravity’s help.  (Left image)

Once the spine has had a chance to elongate, with spaces between the vertebra increasing, then Lateral Stretches are engaged,  Assistance can make these stretches even more profound. Right image shows Debbie being aided by her teacher, Aadil Palkivala, and another student, during a yoga therapy teacher training.


After the lateral stretches, the spine is even more spacious, so that twists are deep, penetrating the organ system, helping to flush out toxins and bring nourishing blood and energy back into them.  Deep twists enhance the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid, a boon to the nervous system.  The discs between the vertebrae, your shock absorbers, which tend to deflate as we age or from injury, are deeply nourished. The twist is deepened with an assistant whose ankle become a an anchor in the movement.


Next, one strengthens the back body through ‘cobra’, which stretches the front body. (left image)

One then stretches the back body with a forward fold, which strengthens the belly/front body. In the image on the right, Debbie is getting an assist to deepen the forward fold.

The entire spinal rejuvenation series creates deep awareness in the trunk of the body, so posture is improved greatly over time, as is organ function; over time, many ‘back problems’ resolve. In the case of persistant spinal irregularities (scoliosis, or from injury), the series can reverse the severity of the condition, relieve chronic pain, and possibly allow for full recovery.

To view Video’s on the use of the Wall Rope System, click on links below.

Wall Rope System for Spinal Health

Join Debbie for a Free Session

This is an opportunity to explore the incredible range of benefits of practicing Yoga with this Therapeutic tool.

Demonstration will focus on the
Spinal Rejuvenation Series
A series that includes: spinal decompression, lateral, forward & back bending and rotation. These movements improve circulation of blood, lymph, cerebral-spinal fluid and frees up space for nerves. Regular engagement Improves physical alignment and organ functioning, which improves emotional and mental well being.

You will have an opportunity to try the wall system if you want!

Date and Time?

Gather together at least 4 people and we will schedule a time.
click here to email  debbie to let her know you’d like to schedule a wall rope demo
Please email me your name (and all those you may sign up for, and some time preferences)
– limited to 6 people per session;

Cost?  Free,
But I will have a Special Deal for you if you want to sign up for a series of healing sessions.

Where? Yoga Oasis, 606 S. 8th St. Laramie, WY

More Information?  call Debbie at 307-742-9461

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