Yoga Oasis is a haven for creating inner harmony.  All offerings are focused upon guiding people to deep well-being, the foundation being high quality yoga services.  Asana/posture, breath exercises (=pranayama), yoga nidra (art of deep relaxation) and meditation are offered privately, in classes, workshops and retreats, all aimed at healing and maintaining physical, emotional and mental health.

Representing the integrity and diversity of many Eastern wisdom traditions and western modalities, Debbie Mathew offers opportunities for people to cultivate contentment and spiritual uplift in a secular manner.  Her mission is to create a safe environment wherein individuals explore a life-enhancing path,  individually and/or while connecting with community.

Recognizing that embracing a healthy lifestyle must include what you eat & drink, Debbie Mathew is now offering Health & Wellness Coaching, and teachings for healthy, nutritious eating, including a Living Foods course.

I took your yoga classes when I lived in Laramie…. I had never taken yoga before, so I had nothing to which to compare it.  I now know what an excellent teacher and fabulous studio you are and have. I moved over a year ago, and can’t seem to find anything comparable.  Thank you!       T. Stephenson
Debbie is now offering online courses.  The next adventure in this capacity, is combining learning Meditation through Mandala Creation, uniting her two passions of Yoga and Art.

Debbie is also committed to promoting sustainability. The studio is powered by 8 solar panels on the roof, that provide the electricity for the radiant in floor heating system.  The floor is sustainable harvested Eco-timber bamboo, and some of the windows used came from a re-use depot.

Most of the retail merchandise (props such as blocks, yoga mats, meditation cushions) are Eco-friendly, made with organic, sustainably harvested materials.

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