Yoga Community Classes are offered in a Series, lasting 4 – 8 weeks.  A minimum of 5 prepaying registrants ensures the class will happen.  If you don’t want to commit to an entire Series, you can come and pay a drop-in fee.  Most classes involve breathing, postures (varying but giving you a well rounded grouping of poses to stretch, strength and balance) and a focus on integrating / centering.  To learn more about community classes, click here.

Courses are a structured series of classes focused around a specific topic, and perhaps aligned with a particular audience.  There is typically more philosophy, and practice, and engagement of the principals throughout the week between classes.  Like a course in college, you can not drop-in on a class once it has begun.  To view our currently offered courses click here

Workshops are short, highly focused teaching sessions that focus on specific topics or techniques.  Typically on a weekend, they last from 2-4 hours, and you come away with a deeper understanding of the topic. To view upcoming workshops click here

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