Community Yoga Classes are offered in Series; a set of classes that run for a limited period, usually 4-8 weeks; they require a minimum of prepaying registrants, after which the series will run and drop-in participants are welcome.   If you know you will be unable to make a class or two, you can always attend another class either before or after the one you miss.

The class series offerings are listed below.  A special course is highlighted first, from a new local teacher: Chris Dewey, martial Artist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Qigong practitioner, and owner of Laramie’s Thirdpathway Acupuncture.

Taiji (T’ai Chi Chuan)      Thursdays      Time:   12 noon – 1 pm      

Teacher: Chris Dewey~ bio – click here.

4 week course Nov. 30 – Dec. 21, 2017  

Cost: $60  

To reserve you space for this special 4 week course, click here.

Taiji involves relaxed, fluid, graceful and gentle actions that promote a relaxation in the body, and create a calming influence in the mind. You can think of the class as a moving meditation that leads to a deepening of the harmony between mental, emotional and physical awareness.  Taiji uses yin and yang-based actions to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture. No experience necessary.

Debbie Mathew teaches all of the yoga classes.  They are for All Levels, as instructions are adjusted to fit for a varied abilities and in consideration of injuries & challenges.

To view Debbie’s qualifications and to view a video of a typical class taught by Debbie, go to the Yoga Guide page/ click here.

Two things I wanted you to know:
– My most recent stress test with my cardiologist came back “normal” which I attribute in great part to the work in class with you.
– I’m not sure how you do it, but it seems that you are able to hone right in on what I need most on any given day. However you manage it, I am most appreciative!  Wendy B.

To pay online through paypal or credit card – click here  


Via check made out to Yoga Oasis, and send/drop by:

Debbie Mathew/Yoga Oasis,   606 S. 8th St.,   Laramie, WY 82070

Prices: 1 class/week = $66 for 6 classes ($84 for Wall Rope class)

2 classes/week = $128 for 12 classes ($164 w. Wall Rope class) –  check only for discount

3 classes/week = $180 for 18 classes ($198 w. Wall Rope class) – check only for discount

To Pay Online, click here:

Please email or call Debbie (307 742 9461) with any questions.

Class Size: Minimum 5, Maximum 10.  If 5 do not prepay, you will be notified the class is cancelled.     Once class is confirmed, drop in = $13 ($16 for Wall Rope class).

Make-up class policy: If you miss a class, you can do a make up in another similar class within the same time period (Oct. 31 – Dec.14, 2017  Series).  Please contact Debbie to RSVP in another class.

Community Classes:    Oct. 31 – Dec. 21, 2017

A 6 week Series;           NO Classes for 2 weeks within Series:

Week of November 6 – 10,   Thanksgiving week: Nov. 20 – 24, 2017.

Tuesdays: Sunrise Yoga – All Levels    7 – 8 am
Tuesdays: Total Yoga – All Levels   7 to 8:15 pm
Wednesdays: Yin-Yang Yoga – All Levels    noon – 1 pm
Wednesdays: Wall Ropes and Chair Yoga: All Levels    5:30-6:40 pm;
                               7 – 8:10 pm;
Thursdays: Sunrise Yoga – All Levels    7 – 8 am
Thursdays: 30:25:20 Yoga – All Levels   7 to 8:15 pm

Class Descriptions:

SUNRISE YOGA      Tuesdays &/or Thursdays     Time:   7 – 8 am

Begin your day with intention; stretch and strengthen your body, mind and heart.  Engage with your breath and life force, preparing to greet the day with a sense of well-being.  This alignment based Hatha yoga class will engage the muscular, organic and energetic bodies, as well as be themed with inspirational concepts aligned with mudras (hand gestures) in alignment with the greater wisdom and theory of Yoga.


TOTAL YOGA      Tuesdays      Time:   7 – 8:15 pm

This class involves the engagement of postures to stretch and strengthen, shifting focus between physical and subtle bodies, through breath alignment, and expanding awareness  as you integrate varying levels of experience. To connect with the subtle body, hand gestures (mudras) are incorporated into the breathing practice at the beginning of class. The last 15 – 20 minutes are used for breath practices and various forms of meditation.  No experience necessary – just a willingness to explore multiple levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


YIN YANG YOGA      Wednesdays     Time:   noon – 1 pm

This class involves the engagement of yang, or energetic postures which stretch and strengthen muscles, and yin postures, focused on lengthening connective tissue, resulting in deep stretching between the joints.  The practice involves shifting between the 2 types of postures, and their differing breath and sensory awareness foci.  It is a perfect noon practice to cultivate a balance of awareness of body through sensation, and subtle energy through breath, allowing you to flow into the afternoon in a gracious space.

WALL ROPE and CHAIR YOGA      Wednesdays     Time:  5:30 – 6:40 pm;  7 – 8:10 pm

Chairs and the Wall Rope system, are tools to expand your posture practice. Chairs allow for the deepening experience of opening the hips and spine as well as developing understanding and ability in back bending and inversions. The wall rope system is an amazing method of deepening your stretching and strengthening practice;  it allows many people to access poses that may otherwise be impossible, especially inversions and varying levels of back bends.  The wall rope system is especially great for decompression of the spine, allowing more space between the vertebrae for circulations and health of all your bodily systems.  If you’d like to know more about this system, please click here.


30:25:20 YOGA      Thursdays      Time:   7 – 8:15 pm

This class is a special blend of yoga for body, heart, mind and spirit.  30 minutes are devoted to postures to bring flexibility, strength and balance; 25 minutes are directed towards deep relaxations and breathing practices;  20 minutes is engaged in meditation.  The blend will allow you to integrate the many layers of your being, helping you understand and engage in healing and developing inner focus.  You flow more easily into developing a meditation practice, as you gradually focus to more subtle energies.  No experience necessary; and the methods will support you if you are experienced.

To pay online through paypal or credit card – click here  

We went hiking for the first time in ages last weekend.  I could definitely feel how yoga has been helping.  Sometimes it feels like I’m struggling, but then I see the benefits in every day life. Oh, and I hung a bunch of heavy shelves by myself and while I was sore afterwards, I could tell my body was working differently & the soreness was short-lived.  Thanks Debbie, for your hard work to make me work smarter!!  Mary K.


Wear comfortable shorts, tights or sweats and top.

It’s best to wait at least 2 – 3 hours after a meal or 1 hour after a snack before practicing yoga.

Drink plenty of water well before class starts. Having a closable water bottle in class is fine. No other drinks or food in the main studio. Thank you.

Show up before the class start time to sign and settle in; the studio is open 15 minutes in advance.

Turn off your cell phone before coming into class; leave belongings in the entrance.

Please refrain from wearing fragrances of any kind; some people are allergic to them.


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