Are you A Woman Experiencing the Detrimental Affects of Meager, Ineffectual Self-Care?

Be Strong, Flexible, and Resilient in Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit through a Personal Yoga Practice.                        

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“The materials and notes from Debbie’s class are so beneficial and motivational that I’ve compiled them into a three-ring binder, which if the house burns down, will be, along with my computer and car keys, what I grab before racing out the door.”  — Pam G.


Breathing & Meditation Course

With: Debbie Mathew     Yoga Therapist 800 hr.

    Transition to a life of confidence and ease.  Life’s stresses interfere with the health of our entire Being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual ~ our connection to the universe.

Breathing deeply and engaging specific breath patterns break the stagnant regions of body, heart and mind.  Meditation advances the benefits of breath practices even further, opening up the possibility to en-light-en your life, liberate from negative habit patterns and evolve consciousness and self-expression.  All practices promote vitality and self-mastery.

Is your Physical Health Challenged? Less than you desire? Erratic?

Do you suffer from Anxiety?  Depression? Emotional Roller-Coaster?

Are you Mentally Confused? Dull? Foggy? Cluttered?

Do you feel Disconnected from Life? Spirit? Your bigger Self?

Learning to breathe more deeply, and in ways that transform your emotions and attitudes is an art that has the potential to upgrade your life experience to Joy!  Add to that the ability to focus, so your thinking is clear, resulting in wise decisions, and compassionate actions, as you evolve to a happier you!

Here is How:

Physical Challenges?  Shifting one’s basic breathing pattern to deep abdominal, helps heal the physical body; organs are massaged, oxygen & nutrients to cells improve, lung capacity is increased, and the nervous system can relax and move into ‘heal’ mode.  Meditation shifts the nervous system into the parasympathetic portion, that which restores and rejuvenates.  One’s body heals, and respond more effectively to ongoing challenges .

Emotional Imbalances? One’s emotions are naturally calmed or elevated with different breath practices. When you notice disagreeable emotional states, you can engage in specific breaths to change them; you can modulate your emotional overwhelm even further with particular types of guided visualizations and meditations, especially those focused upon positive qualities, like compassion, joy, love.

Mental Chaos? Recognize & tame your monkey mind.  As the breathing stabilizes your emotions, the various meditations help to relax and heal the nervous system, so you can focus more deeply inwards. Then you can engage meditations to shift your awareness to that of the ‘witness’ of events, rather than the ego’s reactive stance.  When you witness your thinking habits, they slowly dissolve, allowing your more evolved personality to shine.  Through meditation, your mind will shift to think more clearly, creatively and intuitively. 

Experiencing Disconnect?  When you practice breathing and meditations, you heal unconscious wounds, and integrate the layers of your Being.  This reestablishes your connection to the web of life.  As you shift, your personality will naturally align with your highest potential as a human and divine being.  

This 6 week course goes deep into the theory and practice of breathing (Pranayama) and Meditation, including:

  • Relaxation methods to release deeply held tensions in the physical body.
  • Theory of Breathing: Physical and Subtle Body aspects
  • Practice of Deep Abdominal and 3 Part Breathing as foundation
  • Practice of Heating and Cooling Breaths; Calming and Energizing Breaths
  • The 4 Purification Breaths – to transform and purify
  • Meditation Theory – types
  • Meditation Practices:
    • Concentration: Varying Objects.
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Guided Visualizations: Symbolic, Analytical, Developing Positive Qualities.
    • Meta Meditation;

     Many people give up on meditation after a short while, frustrated by the inability to ‘stop the thinking mind’.  My experience is that breath exercises prepare the mind enough to allow for the mental concentration practices to work more effectively, thereby enabling potential practitioners to stay with the practice long enough to experience the deeper  benefits and rewards. And because you will be exposed to a variety of techniques, just like education directed at a variety of learning styles, everyone is sure to find a practice that resonates with them.  You will be given written material of the theory and practices each week.

This course is intended to teach you a foundational practice, inspire you to begin a home practice, comfortably join a community meditation group, or expand and deepen your current practice.

The course is limited to 10 participants, so secure your place now, by registering and prepaying on line. If you prefer, a check can be dropped off or mailed to Debbie Mathew/Yoga Oasis, 606 S. 8th St., Laramie, WY  82070


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Journey Through the Chakras:  

Nourish Inspired Living

The Chakra system is a holistic map for understanding the inner and outer Universe.  These 7 energy centers within our human body receive, store, transform and distribute life energies throughout the body. 

This 8 week course will guide you on an experiential learning journey into feeling, intellectually understanding and working with these subtle energies.  Through a variety of yoga practices, you will be able to choose those practices that fit for you, to heal, create balance and promote positive qualities at each step of the program to create ‘change that sticks’ within your life.

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Experience and Align your 7 chakras:

Physically:  Through chakra-specific yoga poses that will facilitate your understanding of their locations, and those postures to help open, stabilize and balance each unique zone. You will learn how to bring equilibrium to strengths and weaknesses within your physical body.

Psychologically:  Become empowered as you feel into each of the seven chakras, connecting to their emotional terrain through specific breathing practices.  You will practice stress releasing through guided chakra relaxations, which aid the healing of your nervous system.   You will be inspired to create healthier habit patterns through guided visualizations.

Spiritually:  Expand your awareness into everyday life, through meditations focusing upon psycho-spiritual characteristics of each chakra.  Experience the profound transformation as you develop the ability to witness, allowing for acceptance and healing.  Increase positive qualities such as joy, patience and compassion as you tune into the energy centers wherein these naturally exist and can be cultivated.

When you are aware of your subtle energy system, you can modulate your experience of life to be filled with grace, ease and wisdom as you respond from your intuition and greater connection to the energy that pervades the micro and macro cosmic universe.

Each week you will explore a different chakra in depth; their physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.  You will access them through a variety of practices, including: yoga postures as you connect to the ‘issues’ of each center, breathing practice, chant of each chakra’s seed sound, guided meditation with visual mandala image, to balance and promote the positive quality.

Each week, you are building  understanding and creating a healing practice that will aid your evolutionary development as a human being.  You will receive a portable, laminated image of each of the chakras, to use as a visual meditation tool.

Class 1    1st Root Chakra – Earth; Ancestors/Tribe; Stability (Physical = Food, shelter…); Patience

Class 2   2nd Chakra: Water; Balance in Partnerships (Intimacy, Sensual Self); Generosity

Class 3   3rd Chakra: Fire; Self-Image/Esteem (Personal Power); Gratitude

Class 4   4th Chakra: Air; Unconditional Love (of Everything); Compassion

Class 5   5th Chakra; Space; Communication (Voice, Truth, Creativity, Purification); Joy

Class 6   6th Chakra; Light; Vision (Imagination, Intuition, Clear Seeing); Wisdom

Class 7   7th Chakra; Beyond Thought; Spiritual Awareness (Witness Consciousness, Expansion); Peace

Class 8   All 8 Chakras; Integration of Human & Divine; Complete Chakra yoga practice: posture, breath & meditation.



With:   Debbie Mathew RYT-500 Yoga Therapist


Questions:  Email: Debbie

Debbie, I have not forgotten how awesome you are. My body and mind are so used to your voice and trust you so much to just let go! Thank you so much for a first weekend wonderful evening of Chakra training – I am so glad I came ?? M H-M.

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