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Create A Unique Elemental Mandala

Have you tried meditation and decided it’s not for you, because you can’t stop your mind?  WELL, here is your opportunity to try a unique approach that could just be more fun and accessible.  And if you are thinking about joining the 6 week online course beginning Oct. 23, check this workshop out (and you will receive the cost of the workshop for free if you join the online course!)

When:   Sunday Oct. 15, 2017;    9 am – 12 noon

Where:  Yoga Oasis

606 S. 8th St., Laramie, WY

With: Debbie Mathew

Certified Yoga Teacher (Advanced – Integrative Yoga Therapy) and Artist (Masters degree in Fine Art –  7 years teaching art at University)

Cost: $45  (payment must be received by/on Wed. Oct. 11); $50 (after Oct. 11)

(Price includes all art supplies)

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How about an opportunity to have a lot of fun as you create a Mandala (vision wheel) that reflects your intentions to change concrete and subtle aspects of your life.

Would you like to understand yourself through the eyes of your Elemental Nature: your balance of Earth, Water, Fire and Air?

This workshops is an opportunity to create a personal mandala to affirm, balance and enhance your Elemental nature. This creation is your visual reminder, (and meditation tool), when engaged daily, aligns your energy with your greatest desires and intentions.

The workshop will include:

  • A self-assessment questionnaire of your Elemental balances…what fun!
  • Guided visualization/meditations for each element, to identify from your deepest knowing, your most desired qualities & outcomes for each.
  • Methodology of how to translate these qualities/outcomes into color, shapes, forms, patterns, images, words….
  • Guidance on the construction of a mandala – a symmetrical meditation tool.
  • Time to create your sacred visual tool, within a community of heart centered people with similar desires for self-knowledge & self-expression.
  • All the materials (paper, coloring tools, images) and tools (scissors, glue) – you are more than welcome to bring anything you have as well, especially imagery that speaks to you about what you want to shift, embrace, manifest in your life.
  • An opportunity to tap into your own creative source energy.
  • Learn how to use your mandala as a meditation tool to align and nourish your elemental nature.

Limited to 10 people – sign up now… (click here).

“In their depth and richness, Debbie’s workshops and classes offer to each a time to grow stronger, more aware, and more connected.  They are a reflection of someone who has dedicated a great deal of time and energy in learning, embracing, and living the concepts she teaches. The experience of taking her courses is invaluable to the health and healing of body, mind, and spirit alike.”  D. Schwede

Do you realize you have an Elemental Nature; you are made of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, much like the external environment. Just as parts of our world have more or less of each element (mountain regions = Earth; precipitation, lakes/sea = Water; volcano = Fire; windswept desserts = Air), so does each human.

What you may not realize is that when these are out of balance, our life experience becomes stressful, whether that means more anxiety/depression, addictions, lack of self-care, experiencing isolation or lacking in self-care.

Want to know how to invoke the best expression of your qualities? And tame the worst?

Do you want to make changes in your life, but don’t have a clue where to begin?

The Foundational Realms of the Elements:

Earth Element shows how to improve and care for your Physical Body, and to manifest in the physical world (like objects, finances/job, etc.) Heal, bring strength, flexibility and balance in activities related to the Body and/or shift to manifestation in the material world.

Water Element reveals how to bring about/maintain Emotional Equilibrium, thus affecting better emotional rapport in all types of relationships, including that with yourself, as you come to know how to negotiate strong emotions. Improve Emotional balance within your self and to enhance relationships.

Air Element exposes how we think & ways to cultivate a curious, clear and wise mind. Understand your mind, and how it helps or hinders your verbal communication. Organize your thoughts, to bring clarity & tame the crazy, non-stop thinking Mind?

Fire reveals our capacity for right use of action/behavior & our enthusiasm / optimism, for optimum applied energy. Essentially this is our unique energy, your personal soul expression. Connect to Your Spirit, Optimism, Enthusiasm to fuel the important aspects of your life?

Cultivate a grounded, inspired and integrated life.

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