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Engage Meditation in the Creation of an Elemental Mandala

Do you Want to Empower Your True Nature & Up-Level your Life?

Center With Meditation. Enhance Self: Knowledge, Care, Expression & Actualization.

A 6 week Online Course:  Oct. 23 – Nov. 30, 2017

Balance Your Body, Heart-Mind and Spirit through the process of creation, and using a visual meditation tool.

Have you tried meditation and decided it’s not for you, because you can’t stop your mind?  WELL, here is your opportunity to try a unique approach that will affirm balance, evolution and integration within the layers of your Being.

What will I get out of this 6 week online course?

  • Accessible Path to Meditation: Many people who find it difficult to meditate in the standard ways; Using a visual tool is a potential path to experience the benefits of meditation.
  • Self-knowledge: Explore your personal Elemental Levels (Earth, Water, Fire, Earth), recognize what is high, low or just right.  Consciously choose what to shift to make, with an action & affirmation.
  • Self-Expression: reinforce your intentions through color, shapes, images in a sacred geometric format – your unique creation of a visual affirmation.
  • Self-Care; Engage your unique mandala, an expression of balanced body, heart, mind and spirit as a Meditation Tool at home.
  • Self-Actualization: Daily Meditation Practice (even 5 min/day), continues the process of transformation to a Happier, Healthier, Whole you, to better serve the world.

2.  But I’m not an artist, and I can’t draw/paint?
No Worries – This is a Collage Process – so you choose images, colors and play with arrangements within a symmetrical format.  You will be given guidelines and options of how to create shapes, where to find images, and how to place them easily in a symmetrical format.  It is meant to be fun!

3.  I am an artist, but work very differently; how can this help me? Use this as an opportunity to kick-start and expand your creativity, in terms of ideas, tools, and media.  You will likely feel more comfortable to expand beyond the suggestions of how to structure the format of your piece. You can come with an intention of creating an image that you will translate into another medium.  Your resultant meditation tool can keep your creative juices flowing during dry times.

4.  How much time Can I expect the Course to take?
About 3 – 5 hours per week; but of course if you get into it, and the process becomes a way of centering, you may naturally feel compelled to engage more than this.  You will be encouraged to structure in time, and have options for accountability, so you stay true to your intentions.

Week 1:  Introduction to the ElementsThe realms of Influence of Earth, Water, Fire & Air.  

Elemental Quiz:  Learn the practical aspects of each element, discovering which are high, low, & just right in you/your life at this time.

Materials List: List of necessary and optional materials to create your mandala.

Basics of Creating Geometric Shapes:   Simple ways to create circles, triangles, squares.  

Weeks 2 – 5:      In depth exploration of Each of the Elements, including:

Guided Meditation on Element:  In depth personal assessment of Element. 

Choose: one aspect (personal/community/global) to shift; define a clear Action Step, Key Quality.

Create a Mandala ‘Sketch’: for the Week’s element, Using geometric shapes, images, and colors that resonate with your desired shifts. 

Meditate using your Mandala: use visual tool and verbal affirmation as centering tools.

Week 2:  Earth Element – Manifest greater Physical Health and Material abundance.

Week 3:  Water Element – Enhance Emotional balance & connections, with self & others.

Week 4:  Fire Element Live your Passions, balance vital energy & connect to gut intuition.

Week 5:  Air Element – Bring Clarity, Focus and Discernment to Thoughts/Mind.

Week 6:  All Elements – Create your Unique Elemental Mandala to reflect desirable changes.

Guided Meditation: using your Unique Elemental Mandala to Meditate

Bonus Q & A and Sharing:  Monday Dec. 4th;         noon – 1 pm MT   (online platform)

We all are born with innate ratios of the Elements: We have our ‘natural’ strengths and weaknesses.  Over time, given challenging life circumstances, we can become out of balance, resulting in patterns that are dis-empowering, self-sabotaging, and harmful.  Tuning into the realm of the Elements, not only is a gateway to connect and re-balance within, but also connects you to the natural elements of the environment that sustains you.  Earth, Water, Fire and Air are powerful tools for personal, community and planetary evolution.

“In their depth and richness, Debbie’s workshops and classes offer to each a time to grow stronger, more aware, and more connected.  They are a reflection of someone who has dedicated a great deal of time and energy in learning, embracing, and living the concepts she teaches. The experience of taking her courses is invaluable to the health and healing of body, mind, and spirit alike.”   Diana S.

The Course will Include:

  • A weekly webinar of theory, practice and Q & A Mondays, Oct. 23 – Nov 27; 12 – 1 pm MT

    • recorded & sent to you if you can’t make the actual time/day.
  • Weekly guided meditations to explore the elements within; 
    • accessible online, as an audio recording
  • Handouts of theory and practice.
  • Online Platform from which to easily access all materials (all with a simple log-in)
  • 30 Minute private session with Debbie
    • via Skype/Zoom/phone or if local, in person.
  • Online Chat room, to connect with the community, to share, ask questions, and give helpful feedback.
  • Ongoing email access to Debbie to address questions, concerns.

“Debbie — the meditation gathering on Tuesday night was excellent, so restorative.   You have no idea how on the spot your program was for me.   It turned a day that was so disturbing into a liberating life moment.   The meditation turned a life-shaking day into freedom.   You underscored for me — actually showed me —- life is mental and we have great control on how we live.  This was a sea change opportunity that you guided me through. My heartfelt thanks to you! You are a blessing.”   Mary B

The Value for this 6 week Pilot Course:

6 teaching webinars                             = $180

– 6 Teaching/Practice Audio’s              = $120

– Handouts of Theory/Practice            = $ 60

– Easy Access to all Materials/

     recordings (Online Platform)          = $ 30

– 30 min private consult                         = $ 45

– Community Chat room                        = $ 40

      + Access to me via email….              =$100

                                                             Total = $575

YOUR COST: $229        Sign up Now: Click here

Cost:  I learned a lot in the first online course I delivered in the Spring, but since this is a new course, I am offering you more: private coaching, private email access to me and I will be more involved in the chat room during this pilot course.  I anticipate your feedback during the course.

Money back guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the results, after completing the 6 weeks, I will refund your investment 100% within 10 days of completing the program.

“Through the offered yogic theory and practice, I was able to build my own practice to meet the needs of my body, mind and spirit.  Debbie is knowledgeable, caring and supportive, a true teacher and healer.  She has a gentle way, encouraging personal growth, at your own pace.  I gained from the on line course and have been practicing, integrating what I learned into my life. To my surprise, the breath work was very profound, translating to other areas of my life from athletic to working with interpersonal relationships.  The course was a good investment in my personal self care and health.”  Sharon L.

Extra Valuable Free Bonuses:

  1. An additional 30 min free coaching call to anyone who signs up a new person.

  2. And an additional 30 min free coaching call to the new sign up!

  3. A bonus online meeting Monday Dec. 4,   12 – 1 for Q & A; Sharing, and Intentions / Structure for the Future.

Understand how Powerful the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are in your life, as a template to Create Integration through the layers of body, heart, mind and spirit.

    • EARTH:
      • Too Little Earth?  Your whacked around by thoughts, emotions, & the spiritual dimension.
      • Too Much Earth? Stuck, stagnant energies dampens personal movement, joy & connection to spirit. Resistant to change.
      • Earth Balance: Feel Safe/Secure; Patient, Disciplined; Healthy physical body, able to manifest materially.
    • WATER:
      • Too Little Water? Emotional disconnect/guarded; suppress sensory information, challenges with intimacy.
      • Too Much Water? Intense Emotions create strong subjective bias – lack objectivity; Poor personal boundaries.
      • Water Balance:  Healthy Personal Boundaries; Attentive to inner emotional prompts; Maintains equanimity in face of strong emotions.  Flows with Life’s ups and Downs.
    • FIRE:
      • Too Little Fire?  Lethargic, void of passion, disconnected from purpose – not active with what ‘fires you up’.
      • Too Much Fire? you burn yourself out; enthusiasm & optimism may cloud judgment; Anger & competitive focus can burn relationships.
      • Fire Balance: Aligns willpower  in purposeful way; Creative Life force alive in the world; Continues to Evolve as a person; In touch with spiritual life. Trusts/heeds gut instincts.
    • AIR:
      • Too Little Air?  Mentally blocked, disengaged, unable to verbally express oneself clearly.
      • Too Much Air? Easily distracted, impulsive; excessive &/or unclear verbal expression. Monkey mind controls your life.
      • Air Balance:  Alert, Clear Mind & Verbal Expression; Compassionate Speech & Listening; Honest Expression; Discerning.

My wish is to help you, during a 6 week course, to focus and explore the inner dimensions of your being, and to shift habits to support your greatest evolution as a human and divine Being.  Through guided meditations, sacred geometry and the Elemental Nature of your Being, you will create a Mandala, for a Home Meditation Practice.

“Debbie, I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Your support and encouragement is such a blessing.” Janice H.

Your Guide: Debbie Mathew Credentials:

– Practicing since 1981; teaching yoga full time since 2002

– IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy) 800 hour Certification

– 500 hr Certification with Yoga Alliance (highest level of National Accreditation)

– Over 3000 hrs of teaching experience, 1000 + hrs private consulting hrs.

– For Resume, click here:

“Debbie, you are such an outstanding teacher/leader, and you are so passionate and knowledgeable- you draw me into this amazing world and open possibilities for growth I hadn’t imagined:)  I sometimes wonder where I might be (physically and mentally) if I hadn’t had the benefit of your guidance.”  Colleen M.

The bottom line is to explore what you truly desire, discover how to attract this, and center through meditation, both as you create and as a daily practice. 

Sign up Now:      Click here

  • Starts Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. Webinar meetings  12 noon – 1 pm
  • Meets for 6 weeks, last class Nov. 27, 2017.
  • Explore a new way to learn meditation.
  • Only $229 ($575 value) a stunning value that includes a private coaching session, and
  • Personal email contact for you with your guide, Debbie Mathew.
  • Next Offerings will not have private coaching included, not unlimited email access to Debbie.
  • Bonus Session Online Monday, Dec 4, 2017; Q & A; Sharing…

If you have any questions, please email Debbie at:

I so look forward to supporting you in this most inspirational journey together.

Debbie Mathew

P.S. What I really, really desire is for you to realize that you can successfully initiate, engage and maintain personal transformation.  Meditation is key to this process;  many people believe they are not creative, not an artist.  I disagree; everyone has access to creative source energy.  From this access point, you will come to know your weaknesses, and turn them around, increasing self-worth, integration and ability to maintain connection to your center, enabling you to embrace life’s myriad of challenges with heart-based wisdom that arises from a balanced, committed meditation practice. Ultimately I want you to experience deep well-being in body, heart~mind, and spirit.  And have fun getting there.

I recognize the need for this course, as I continue to witness people complain about the ongoing lack of joy and deep connection in their lives, inability to juggle it all, and a sense of ‘I’m missing something’ and/or disconnection from the unity of life.  Step onto a Self-Empowering Path! It can be Simple and Fun!

“Two things I wanted you to know:
– My most recent stress test with my cardiologist came back “normal” which I attribute in great part to the work in yoga class with you.
– I’m not sure how you do it, but it seems that you are able to hone right in on what I need most on any given day. However you manage it, I am most appreciative!”  Wendy B.

COST: $229            Sign up Now: Click here

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