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Are you A Woman Experiencing the Detrimental Affects of Meager, Ineffectual Self-Care?

Be Strong, Flexible, and Resilient in Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit through a Personal Yoga Practice.                    

An Online Yoga Course for Women:      Tuesdays,  May 9 – June 13, 2017

Dear Sister,  


  • Your body feels like a train wreck, and you don’t know what to do?
    • Is Balance, Strength, Flexibility waning… Are injuries, aches/pains chronic or creeping in?
    • Do you struggle to engage in physical poses safely? Consistently? Appropriate ones for you?
  • Your heart no longer feels the natural joy it used to?
    • Do Erratic Emotions rule? Do you experience depression/anxiety?
    • Are you clueless as to the hows and benefits of yogic breathing?
  •  Your mental state change from chaotic to dull, foggy? Is memory failing you?
    • Does your monkey mind cloud clarity & hijack wisdom?
    • Have you tried meditation and decided it’s not for you because you can’t stop your mind?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please read further: a solution is on the way.

I understand what it means to be a woman, wearing many hats as: employee, wife / partner, mother, sister, daughter, friend… with strong expectations to give all, do all, and serve others, and if there is time, then take care of myself. Maybe…

The struggle to find time to explore what nourishes me, and to act / engage what it takes, in a consistent way, was a long journey. As I reflect, it took 25+ years exploring methods to create physical, psychological and spiritual healing and balance. It was hit or miss, with not much support along the way.

Over time, I established a yoga practice that includes physical postures, breathing and meditation, each of which brought about healing within each of the physical, emotional and mental ‘bodies’ and integration between.

I realize women need to prioritize their own well being, so they will have the energy, willpower and wisdom to engage in the ongoing challenges of living and aging, especially during this current climate of socioeconomic instability.

“In their depth and richness, Debbie’s workshops and classes offer to each a time to grow stronger, more aware, and more connected.  They are a reflection of someone who has dedicated a great deal of time and energy in learning, embracing, and living the concepts she teaches. The experience of taking her courses is invaluable to the health and healing of body, mind, and spirit alike.”   Diana S.

My wish is to help you, through a 6 week pilot course based in Yoga, including Postures, Breathing, and Meditation, to establish a self-care practice to Become Strong, Flexible, Resilient and Balanced in Body, Heart-Mind and Spirit.

  • Learn a set of physical yoga postures that builds body awareness, strength and mobility so you can be the best mom/grandma/sister/daughter/friend/partner…. you desire.
  • Engage breathing practices that calm and regulate your emotions, and build confidence so you feel better and welcome life’s challenges.
  • Practice deep relaxation to release layers of held stress, allowing you to access your inner needs and be in touch with your creativity.
  • Learn at least one form of meditation that releases the monkey mind, so you are more present to each moment, accessing your inner wisdom.
  • Learn how to engage self-care, so you can model it to all you influence, inspiring others to connect to their well of joy and make this world a better place!

We went hiking for the first time in ages last weekend.  I could definitely feel how yoga has been helping.  Sometimes it feels like I’m struggling, but then I see the benefits in every day life. Oh, and I hung a bunch of heavy shelves by myself and while I was sore afterwards, I could tell my body was working differently & the soreness was short-lived.  Thanks Debbie, for your hard work to make me work smarter!!  Mary K.

The Course will Include:

  • A weekly webinar of theory, practice and Q & A at a specific date/time.
    • recorded & sent to you if you can’t make it.
  • Weekly video of practice, accessible online, or if audio, downloadable.
  • Weekly handouts of theory and practice.
  • 30 Minute private session with Debbie
    • via Skype/Zoom or if local, in person
  • Online Chat room, to connect with the community of women to share, ask questions, and give helpful feedback.
  • Ongoing email access to Debbie to address questions, concerns.

Debbie — the meditation gathering on Tuesday night was excellent, so restorative.   You have no idea how on the spot your program was for me.   It turned a day that was so disturbing into a liberating life moment.   The mediation evening turned a life-shaking day into freedom.   You underscored for me — actually showed me —- life is mental and we have great control on how we live.  This was a sea change opportunity that you guided me through. My heartfelt thanks to you! You are a blessing.   Mary B

Cost:  My estimated (future) 10 week full course Price: $497   Since this is a pilot, allowing me to hone what I offer in the full course, I am offering you more: private coaching, private email access to me and I will be more involved in the chat room during this pilot course.  I anticipate your feedback during the course.

The Value for this 6 week Pilot Course:

– 6 teaching webinars                             = $180

– 6 Teaching/Practice Video’s              = $120

– Handouts of Theory/Practice            = $ 60

– 30 min private consult                         = $ 45

– Community Chat room                        = $40

      + Access to me via email….              =$100

                                                    Total = $545

YOUR COST: $197            Sign up Now: Click here

What you really get is the opportunity to understand and practice the forms of yoga you most need, and ways to engage these consistently. This will build your self-confidence to heal and maintain integrated well-being. You will likely rely less on the various external symptom-solving options (often a Band-Aid approach), and more on your innate wisdom. And it will feel good to model self-care to those you love, especially the females in your life.

Debbie, I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Your support and encouragement is such a blessing. Janice H.

Your Guide: Debbie Mathew Credentials:

– Practicing since 1981; teaching yoga full time since 2002

– IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy) 800 hour Certification

– 500 hr Certification with Yoga Alliance (highest level of National Accreditation)

– Over 3000 hrs of teaching experience, 1000 hrs private consulting hrs.

– For Resume, click here:

As I hit my 50s, I’ve found yoga to be a wonderful practice for maintaining both my physical and mental flexibility and balance. Deb has a deep and broad knowledge of yoga and is very good at communicating what we are striving for. While I do practice at home, I always get new insights and options when I attend classes, which keeps my practice interesting and fresh.                  DDP

Likely, you will rely less on:

  • doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, for your physical health
  • psychologists, counselors for your emotional & mental well-being.
  • and your friends and family for support – rather connecting with a cohort of women with whom you can share your challenges and victories.

This is not to say that some of these external supports are, at times important, and essential at other times. But as you heal from within,

  • You will align with inner knowing and gain wisdom as to when and what kind of outside assistance would benefit you.

The bottom line is that committing to a self-nourishing yoga practice tailored for you will support you in establishing a rich life you will love to live.

I regularly saw chiropractors and it difficult for me hold my adjustments until I incorporated the stretches and exercises Debbie developed for me in a private lesson. Knowing how to develop strength and flexibility in my problem areas has empowered me. Rigorous and kind, she helped me identify my own ability to heal and care for myself.   Susan D.

Money back guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the results, after having gone through the 6 week pilot, I will refund your investment 100% within 10 days of completing the program.

Extra Valuable Free Bonuses:

  1. An additional 30 min free coaching call to any woman who signs up a friend.

  2. And an additional 30 min free coaching call to the friend!

  3. A downloadable bonus recording of a guided relaxation to practice whenever you like.

Are you Ready to: Look better, feel better, have more energy and strength of body, heart and mind to do what you really desire as you age. If so,

Sign up Now:      Click here

  • Starts Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Webinar meetings 11 am – noon
  • Meets for 6 weeks, last class June 13, 2017.
  • This is the Only pilot being offered, so be a part of this co-creative process.
  • Only $197 ($545 value) a stunning value that includes a private coaching session, and
  • Personal email contact for you with your guide, Debbie Mathew.
  • It costs much less than the full course to be offered. Min. of $497, (which won’t have private coaching)
  • Only 15 spaces available… grab a spot!

If you have any questions, please email Debbie at:

I so look forward to supporting you in this most inspirational journey together. A substantive number of women transforming themselves will transform the world as we embrace our wisdom.

Debbie Mathew

P.S. What I really, really desire is for you to realize your self-worth, and engage in self-nourishment that will promote your greatest potential as you age, enabling you to embrace life’s myriad of challenges with heart-based wisdom that arises from a balanced, committed yoga practice. Ultimately I want you to experience deep well-being in body, heart~mind, and spirit.

I recognize the need for this course, as I continue to witness women complain about their deteriorating bodies, the ongoing lack of joy and deep connection in their lives, and make excuses for why they don’t care for themselves. Step onto a Self-Empowering Path!

Two things I wanted you to know:
– My most recent stress test with my cardiologist came back “normal” which I attribute in great part to the work in yoga class with you.
– I’m not sure how you do it, but it seems that you are able to hone right in on what I need most on any given day. However you manage it, I am most appreciative!  Wendy B.

COST: $197            Sign up Now: Click here

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