Yoga Therapy / Private Consultations

TRADITIONALLY, yoga was an individually tailored practice given to a student by a ‘master’ teacher (guru – one who shed light into the darkness); a guru is simply a guide, one who has gone through years of training themselves and has developed the ability to guide a newer practitioner in their own development.

Today, most yoga is experienced in a class setting, which can have wonderful benefits as you connect with like-minded folks in community. But at times, this may not be the most appropriate practice.

If you have particular needs that require special attention, you may be better served to have private counsel on how to best achieve your desired outcomes.  People with disease, physical anomalies, injuries, emotional or mental imbalances (from traumas, loss, big life changes..) can heal much more quickly through personal guidance.

Look under the drop down menu for various package and pricing for Individual or small group instruction.

I offer guidance not only with a variety of yogic practices, but also with nutrition and other healthy lifestyle issues.  Please look at the variety of yogic practices under the ‘privates’ tab in the drop down menu.

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