When you need special personal attention for shifting physical, emotional and mental needs, consider private counsel.

We begin with where you are and what goals you have, even if they are fuzzy!  I help you clarify.

Once your goals are established, whether they be of healing, greater strength, flexibility, and/or awareness & stabilization of body-mind states, you will be guided in methodology unique to your desired outcomes. This may involve asana/posture, pranayama/breathing practice, guided Yoga Nidra/deep relaxation, and/or Meditation instruction.

For physical challenges, you may need a special program of postures and breaths that develop strength & flexibility where your body needs it.  As we age, the human body becomes compressed, tight in some areas & weak in others.  The wall rope system in my studio allows you to develop deeper body awareness, to stretch rigid areas and strengthen weak zones, as well as to safely invert/hang to decompress the spine.  Bringing space between vertebrae brings about spinal rejuvenation, as well as addresses circulatory, immune and endocrine problems, correcting physiological imbalances. When our physiology is balanced, the foundation for our emotional and mental well being is established.  I also advice on healthier eating patterns to support the deeper nourishment of your physiology.



For emotional and mental challenges, including stress related disorders, the nervous system is the key. Restorative poses and deep and/or regulated breathing practices help heal the nervous system. Learning and regularly practicing appropriate yogic breaths, perhaps with hand gestures that stimulate the meridian flows of energy, will further cleanse physiological imbalances.  All of these methods purify the nervous system, strengthening it to withstand higher levels of sensory (and super-sensory) information.

It may be most beneficial to engage in the practice of yoga nidra sessions, wherein the client lays down and is guided to relax the physical body, engage the breath in a systematic way and connect to space beyond the mental world of images, thoughts and beliefs. As you release through the layers or ‘sheaths’ of your Being, you will release deep-rooted tensions, allowing the body-mind to re-balance and heal itself.  If one desires, one can engage in a dialogue with the guide to explore the inner world where energy blocks may be dissolved, allowing the natural flow between the inner and outer worlds.






If one is interested in exploring methods to regulate the monkey nature of your mind, thereby toning down egoic reflexes, then it is advisable to learn and integrate meditation into your everyday practice.  It need not be long, or tedious, as meditation comes in many forms to suit the nature of the practitioner.  Learning the practice that works for you is key.  In the yogic tradition, one might use an inner ‘object’ of concentration, or/and visual and/or auditory tools to develop the skill of inward focus and concentration. It is this very ‘going inward’ that softens the mind, develops a more detached view of one’s beliefs and emotional reactions, and thus facilitates the healing of body-heart-mind-soul web.

How Yoga Therapy plays out:  The first session with a client is 75 minutes long, during which their health history is shared, the primary goals established and then some therapeutic applications engaged, given time.  All subsequent sessions involve  engaging yoga therapeutics that resonate with the client, with an ongoing agenda of developing strategies to shifting to life style practices that are healing and nourishing.  Your commitment to a series of sessions will increase the deepening of awareness of the most important practices as well as the potential deeper healing and integration.

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